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statement of purpose

The primary purpose of the Puerto Rican and Hispanic Day Parade of Western New York Association, Inc., is to host a parade inclusive of all people and communities. The parade will empower the community, and in particular our youth, by promoting civic pride, celebrating the history of Puerto Rico and Hispanics, and increasing awareness of Latin America's diverse cultural heritage. Association members will be cultural ambassadors, historical preservationists, and civic activists.

The Puerto Rican and Hispanic Day Parade of Western New York Association will collaborate with a variety of social and service-oriented agencies to build a stronger Western New York community on a foundation of pride, knowledge, and empowerment.

PRHDP parade day.jpg

Parade Board

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Vice President -

Entertainment Chair


Hon. Betty Calvo-Torres

Vice President -

Curriculum Leadership Program Director

White Brick Wall

Steven Arias


Josephine Torres.jpeg

Josephine Torres



Ben Crespo

Sergeant at Arms

White Brick Wall

Octavio Villegas

Parade Chair


Francisco Guzman

Jr Grand Marshal Chair



Orlando Bartolome Jr.

Graphic Designer/ Photographer

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