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Float Rules and Guidelines

1. Line up begins at 10:30am at Niagara Square.

2. All floats must reflect the theme of the event.

3. All floats should be constructed in a matter that it will not be necessary to disconnect them to turn the corner of the parade route. The driver must be able to navigate the float with a guide.

4. All Floats must finish the parade route or they will subject to disqualification from the completion.

5. Due to City of Buffalo policy all floats must conform to the following dimensions. The overall length of the float, auto and/or float tractor must not exceed 45 feet. The width should be 10 feet and the height 12 feet. If your float extends beyond the normal length of the vehicle, the lowest point of the solid construction bottom of the float should be one foot above the ground. This will allow for rises in the ground or any curb over which it might extend while turning.

6. Each organization must have a person or persons carrying a banner in front of the float stating the organization and the theme/title of the float. Judging will be determined on the following concepts. Judges will award up to 10 points for each concept per float.

A. Original to theme, the creativity in which the idea is presented.

B. Overall effects use of the technology (mechanically, electronically, sound effects, use of colors, etc.)

C. Workmanship, materials & construction use of area, originality of materials used, quality, and originality of signs.

7. Judging will begin reviewing floats at 11:00am at the assembly point (Niagara Square) and again as the float passes the reviewing stand located in front of the Tops Supermarket on Niagara Street. The floats will not stop as they are being judged.


8. All floats must be at the assembly point (Niagara Square) by 10:30am on Sat. August 17, 2024.


9. No floats are to be purchased by any organization. Decorative items compromising the float cannot be rented.


10. If an organization has both a float and marching unit, they will be placed back to back.


11. The winner will be announced at the Parade Concert on Saturday, August 17, 2024.

Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at our Annual Puerto Rican and Hispanic Day Parade. Please review all the Rules and Regulations prior to submitting an application form.

All applications are subject to approval by the Concert Committee. The Puerto Rican and Hispanic Day Parade Association reserves the right to reject applications from concessionaires who have not followed Concert Rules and Regulations in prior years.


Fees (Includes all permits required; Everyone except informational tables Must bring their own tent, tables, and chairs):


$360 Exhibitors/ Non-food vendors (Bring your own tent, tables, and chairs)
$435 Food Trucks with health dept permits (MUST email proof of permit)

$540 Food Trucks that NEED health dept permit

$570 Food Vendors Under Tents 
$300 Information Table/ Non-Transactional (Tent will be supplied)

**** Parade fees include all permits required by the Erie County Health Department and the City of Buffalo. Each vendor is responsible for leaving their assigned area in the condition they found it when setting up. Area must be cleaned at end of event. Failure to do so will result in non-participation in future parade events.

After the Puerto Rican and Hispanic Day Parade Concert Committee has approved your application and you have been contacted only then should you apply for temporary stand/exhibitor permits from the City and County.

The sale of alcoholic beverages or any drug substance, whether in edible or flower form, is strictly prohibited. Any establishment found violating this rule will face immediate consequences, including but not limited to removal and possible suspension of future privileges.

Your application fee will not be refunded due to your failure to get the appropriate permits.

We encourage all vendors to bring portable generators and water.

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